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Face to face sex chat rooms

The men who turned up in our investigation included a New York City firefighter and a man with a history of mental illness and a criminal record.

And they all had something in common: the same excuse.

Instead he'll be meeting Dateline NBC correspondent Chris Hansen. I haven’t told him yet that I'm a television reporter and at this point he has no idea he's being videotaped. " Steve: "Exactly what's going on." Hansen: "Take your hands out of your pockets…

You don't have to put them up." Steve: "Okay, no problem, I know what's going on I'm not stupid."Hansen: "So you were suspicious from the beginning?

When Hansen confronts Eddie, he's ready with a story. I don't know what other conclusion you can draw." Eddie: "You can search me for a condom I don't have one on me.

I wouldn't have sex without one." Eddie, who it appears has worked as a TV producer, even commends us for a job well done.

The next version of chat rooms is the 2D visual chat room.

This involves the user creating a 2D graphic representation of themselves (avatar) that can be moved around a visual representation of a ‘room’ or location.

When 34-year-old Eddie arrives, he tries something none of the others did.

Some chat rooms contain an element of moderation to deter disruptive or undesirable behaviour.

This may occur through volunteer moderators who monitor conversations and block messages and/or users who do not meet the standards set by the particular chat room.

" Eddie: "Just say Rachel you're 19 years old right? " Girl: "But I but…" Eddie: "Rachel can you read between the lines?

" Girl: "I'm not though you know I'm not." Eddie: "I don't know that." Girl: "I told you I was 14. " When Hansen walk in, Eddie admits he was trying not to incriminate himself.

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When we told them, most headed for the door, like Steve, the married man with children. time and time again." Hansen: I've read all the transcripts.

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