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The master maintains the connection by reserving slots at regular intervals. When forming bluetooth nodes form a piconet they goes through a series of states.It is suitable for time bound transmissions like audio. A master can maintain up to 3 SRO links, while a slave can maintain 2 or 3. An ACL link is a point to multi-point link between in the master and all the slaves in a piconet. The two major states are STANDBY- not part of a piconet and CONNECTION – device is part of a piconet.

On the next slot the master sends the slave the master DAC. The master does this for all the slaves in the piconet then it enters the CONNECTION state itself.The difference of 16 km/h equates to approximately 4.5 m/s.After coming into range, Vehicle B would need to travel 200m more than Vehicle A for it to exceed the Bluetooth range.Each channel is occupied for 0.625ms, called a slot and the slots are number sequentially.The master in the piconet determines the frequency hopping sequence and it is a function of the master’s address. There are three power classes in bluetooth: There are two types of link between bluetooth nodes.

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Using these speed values the two vehicles would be in range for a period of approximately 44 seconds.

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