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Much early Malaysian literature was based on Indian epics, which remained unchanged even as Malays converted to Islam; this has expanded in recent decades.English literature remained restricted to the higher class until the arrival of the printing press.Some Eurasians of mixed European and Malay descent live in Malaysia.A small community in Malacca are descendants of former Portuguese colonists who married Malay women.Large modern structures have been built, including the tallest twin buildings in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers.Malaysian music has a variety of origins, and is largely based around percussion instruments.

Government control over the media is strong, and most media outlets are related to the government in some way.

During the formation of Malaysia, executive power was vested in the Perikatan (later the Barisan Nasional) coalition of three racially based political parties, namely the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), and Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC).

The original culture of the area stemmed from its indigenous tribes, along with the Malays who moved there in ancient times.

Tamils, Malayalees, and Telugu people make up over 85 percent of the people of Indian origin in the country.

Indian immigrants to Malaysia brought with them the Hindu and Sikh cultures.

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