Rrd cacti not updating

Go to ssh and run command that you see in cacti, but add redirection to a file.

If rrdtool generate the valid file it means you probably have problems with your php configuration.

RRDTool Command: /usr/bin/rrdtool graph - \ --imgformat=PNG \ --start=-86400 \ --end=-300 \ --title='Localhost - Load Average' \ --rigid \ --base=1000 \ --height=120 \ --width=500 \ --alt-autoscale-max \ --lower-limit=0 \ --units-exponent='0' \ --vertical-label='processes in the run queue' \ --slope-mode \ --font TITLE:10: \ --font AXIS:7: \ --font LEGEND:8: \ --font UNIT:7: \ DEF:a="/var/www/html/rra/localhost_load_1min_5.rrd":load_1min: AVERAGE \ DEF:b="/var/www/html/rra/localhost_load_1min_5.rrd":load_5min: AVERAGE \ DEF:c="/var/www/html/rra/localhost_load_1min_5.rrd":load_15min: AVERAGE \ CDEF:cdefg=TIME,1348538002, GT,a,a, UN,0,a, IF, IF, TIME,1348538002, GT,b,b, UN,0,b, IF, IF, TIME,1348538002, GT,c,c, UN,0,c, IF, IF, , \ AREA:a#EACC00FF:"1 Minute Average" \ GPRINT:a: LAST:" Current\:%8.2lf\n" \ AREA:b#EA8F00FF:"5 Minute Average": STACK \ GPRINT:b: LAST:" Current\:%8.2lf\n" \ AREA:c#FF0000FF:"15 Minute Average": STACK \ GPRINT:c: LAST:"Current\:%8.2lf\n" \ LINE1:cdefg#000000FF:"" RRDTool Says: ERROR: opening '/var/www/html/rra/localhost_load_1min_5.rrd': No such file or directory Most of the forums I found on the net that shares the same issue doesn't really have solutions yet, so I am really hoping someone from WHT can help with this. OK, when you installed cacti, did you read and follow all the instructions?

The poller interval is the actual time that the poller will wait between two polling cycles if it was indeed invoked in time by the cronjob.Go to /etc/php5/apache2/and ensure that you have no popen in disable_functions list.Removing popen from disable_functions list should solve your problem.Gandalf from the Cacti forums wrote a nice Guide that you can use and further help can be found on Cacti forums. Make sure you are collecting data at least as often as the step size.If you collect data for 10 min and nothing shows up, then make sure you are actually collecting the data, make sure the values you get are within range, and that they are being used. Print out the values before you update to verify they are what you think they are.

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Actually I read about few manual instructions already and yah they are very straight forward but everytime I always end up a non working graph. Now I made graph appear by just changing the RRDTool Utility Version to 1.4 but at first I am getting a NAN data and waited for few hours and I am seeing data now.

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