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This feature is interesting in critical applications that must run continuously. Springer, Cham Dynamic Software Updating (DSU) consists in updating running programs on the fly without any downtime.The detection of points to perform safe updates is a critical issue in DSU.

The mechanism is then formally verified using model checking against correctness properties: deadlock free, activeness safety and DSU-liveness.

However, little attention has been paid to the correctness of the dynamic updating at the behavior level, e.g., if systems after being updated behave as expected, and if unexpected behaviors can never occur.

We present an algebraic methodology of specifying dynamic updates and verifying their behavioral correctness by using off-the-shelf theorem proving and model checking tools.

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We additionally define a novel and efficient static updateability analysis to establish con-freeness statically, and can thus automatically infer program points at which all future (well-formed) updates will be type-safe.

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