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Wall Street Journal reported." data-reactid="17"An OPEC official said Friday that Saudi Arabia wanted the cartel members to clear up their own differences before they sat down at the table with non-OPEC members, the Wall Street Journal reported.signaled its willingness to fall in line with the cartel’s plans." data-reactid="18"Crude oil prices had recovered during the past week after Iran, an OPEC member reluctant to agree to production cuts, signaled its willingness to fall in line with the cartel’s plans.“It is highly probable that oil and energy ministers of the member countries of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries will reach an agreement in the Nov.

30 meeting,” Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh said Nov.

OPEC and non-OPEC members were scheduled to meet Monday to discuss production cuts ahead of the 14-nation oil cartel’s Nov. Saudi Arabia pulled out of the talks due to disagreements over sharing supply cuts, and the Monday talks collapsed before they even started.

benchmark, was trading at a loss of over 4 percent at .96 a barrel.

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These people are waging an electronic war on the rest of the world.

[email protected] President – Protecciones Plasticas, S. As General Manager of the Abu Dhabi Operations, he led the initiative to develop and reposition the manufacturing facility as a recognized leader in quality management and operational excellence. In addition to his technical expertise in the water and piping industry, Mr.

(PROTESA) Joined Future Pipe Group in 1997 as Technical Support Engineer at the manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi-UAE and spent ten years where he held a number of functional and managerial positions in the fields of Design, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Operations Management.

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