Secrets to dating younger men

Secrets to dating younger men

Quotes from the web: -They are sexier, less argumentative and jaded, and more open. I date younger Russian women, and women my age say what do men talk about. We laugh more, and we don't have to talk about stuff as much bc there are far fewer problems.- I always favored older men because they are mature and have more to talk about.Eager to jump start your dating experience with young women?

Since then, guys around the world have enjoyed this program and written me to share their success stories.” Jack shrugged and reeled off some of the usual “criteria”: she’d be pretty, in good shape, intelligent, great sense of humor, etc… “Well, I guess if I had my choice, of course she’d be younger.Then I asked him, “and how old would this woman be? But what would a hot young babe want with a guy like me? He’s also a very smart, interesting guy who’s done a lot of traveling and has a wealth of experiences to share and talk about.He’d been using an Internet dating service and had found it fairly easy to line up dates with several women. The women Jack were meeting up with were close to his own age, in some cases 4-6 years younger.But while he still possessed the energy and enthusiasm of a younger man, these ladies seemed so…well, old!

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To put it bluntly, your buddies would be absolutely mad with jealousy if they knew you were tagging some hot young piece of ass! So what if you are interested in seriously pursuing Option B: dating women who are significantly younger than you are?

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