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CPAC and Breitbart, however, did not credit Yiannopoulos’ remarks on with their subsequent decisions; both orgs said they’d parted company with Yiannopoulos after seeing old video re-posted by conservative Reagan Battalion, showing Yiannopoulos endorsing sex between adult males and 13-year-old boys and remarking on his own underage relations with a Catholic priest.Yiannapoulos since has apologized for the former and said his seemingly flippant remarks about his own underage sexual encounters were his way of dealing with the abuse.

THE MINISTRY of Health intends probing a video purportedly showing two staff members of a public health institution engaged in a sexual act in the washroom at their workplace.However, when Rangnekar approached the CBFC, the video was given “A” certification, for adult content.Rangnekar had taken the issue to the Board’s review committeecomittee saying the video did not have adult content.I overheard them say that this is socially relevant, and they didn’t see anything wrong with it, and that maybe it could be ‘U/A’, but it should go out.Then they said ‘We’ve read the appeal, and we’re completely with you,’ and then they started dictating the order.

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Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh told reporters on Tuesday that he intended to investigate the incident to determine whether any action is to be taken.

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